About Us was developed by Carl Lucchi, a business consultant for Success Builders. "Whenever I find a need that could help people in their business . . . I try to fill that need." Carl found that people who network will refer and promote businesses and people they know,like & trust but carrying around everyone's business card becomes a problem and remembering so much information is difficult.

After researching many business card app's I could not find one that easily allowed me to share the people I know like and trust. I also did not have access to businesses that others trusted unless I wanted to pay a fee to access them.

I went to work with my developers to design a FREE and simple mobile business card listing app and website site where anyone could search for people by name, or by business name or business category. We also created a way for each user to be able to call, email or text the business card directly from the business card listing. Those who download the app can also bookmark their favorite business cards to their favorites for easy access.

So, that is why and how got started and it is FREE to upload your business card so those who know, like and trust you can save, find, or share your business information with others.

You are invited to take advantage of as a FREE mobile card listing and search tool and also listing your business card on the site.